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The Unfortunate Decline of Dribbble | 023

Episode Summary

I've been a fan of Dribbble for years—9 years to be exact. Unfortunately, I've seen the design community platform that I have loved for so many years decline over the last few years. In today's episode I talk about the highs, the lows, and what I think could help Dribbble bounce back. (:

Episode Notes

In today's episode, we discuss one of my favorite community platforms, Dribbble. 

Now, don't let the title of this episode sour your  view of Dribbble. Even though I may some negative things about the platform in today's episode, I still love it, I still use it and I strongly believe that it can still rise up from where it stands today!

I've been a proud member of Dribbble for almost exactly 9 years ago—having gotten my invite at Creative South 2013 from my friend Lenny Terenzi. Ever since then, I've used Dribbble to not only showcase my work but it has brought in over $150k in revenue in the last 7 years for freelancing opportunities.

The bad news is, that I've noticed a lot of things have changed at Dribbble and there have been some changes that have somewhat been a negative rather than a positive. 

Now is it as bad as Instagram and its algorithm?—a story for a later date. No, but there's a lot that could change for the better.

Take a listen to today's episode and see what you think about what I have to say on the topic. (:

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